Why Magento Sucks for B2B

Lori would say that Magento is a sub-optimal choice for B2B, but that doesn't make for a very good headline!

Whether you are currently on Magento or just evaluating your e-commerce options, B2B business leaders need to know how to make the most of the opportunity that online business represents.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • 3 keys to choosing the best e-commerce software for your B2B business (and why Magento probably isn’t it)

  • A head-to-head comparison of 5 different e-commerce options in this space

  • How to predict the value of e-commerce for your business over the next 5 years

Get a greater return from your online investment. Learn how.


Your Presenters


Lori McDonald

President & CEO

Brilliance Business Solutions


Jared Hackbart

Director of Sales

Brilliance Business Solutions