Improve user experience to generate more revenue

Are you and your team satisfied with the performance of your ecommerce site? Have you considered that your user experience is preventing you from achieving your goals but don't know where to start?


Our UX team is certified by the Baymard Institute, an organization that has invested over 88,000 hours of research into UX design specific to ecommerce.


The Brilliance team will help you identify where to start, whether that be your homepage & category navigation, product detail page, product lists and filtering, on site- search, cart & checkout, or accounts and self-service components. 



Awards & Recognition

How it Works

Client Review​

Meet the team and get to work! We will dust off every piece of relevant information available. From analytics to customer feedback, inundate us with all of the data! Finally, we will record the group navigating your site. A crucial step that allows us to understand what you were looking to achieve.

Internal Evaluation

Now that we have gathered all the information and met with your team, we can begin our work. The team will start with prioritizing which pages will benefit most from the consult and align with your team before executing the formal review.

Review & Report

Using 88,000+ hours of Baymard research, our team will meticulously compare your pages against industry best practices. In addition to the Baymard Research, our team is equipped with years of experience in the B2B and B2B2C digital commerce space. Between our experience and tool set, you can expect a detailed report with specific suggestions to improve User Experience. 




Let's review! Our team will schedule time to review our UX scorecard and prioritized suggestions for improvements. When this meeting ends, we will deliver all of the materials we created. 


Lighting Reimagined

Meet our UX Team! 

Why Design Matters  

Manufacturers and distributors typically value functionality and operational efficiency over design. What may be counter-intuitive is that good design practices will actually make your site easier to use for your customers and staff and will result in improved functionality and operational efficiency. 


In this session, we cover:

  • 4 improvements you can make today to drive more revenue
  • 3 most dangerous UX traps to avoid
  • How to leverage your internal team to improve your sites user experience


> How long does the consult take? <

From start to finish, the consult runs roughly three weeks.


> How much does the consult cost? <

The UX Consult costs $12,960. Implementing our suggestions involve additional costs.


> Does Brilliance work with specific platforms? <

Yes! Our work is primarily done with the Optimizely and BigCommerce platforms.


> Can you perform a User Experience Consult for a site not on Optimizely or BigCommerce? <

Yes! The report will provide valid feedback regardless of platform. 

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